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Parallel to performing arts and theatre i write, compose and produce music. My music mostly defines as dance pop and has a strong connection to the Berlin subculture. It's unique sound combines international pop with German lyrics and elements from techno, house, UK garage and Schlager. Major influences include Nina Hagen, Charli XCX, Ace of Base, Vengaboys, M.I.A., Blümchen, MK, Helge Schneider and The Weeknd.


Deutschpop is still strongly heteronormative, uptight and limited to the German-speaking area. LGBTQ + artists aren't visible at all. I come up with a fresh and innovative sound that spreads queer empowerment without beeing overly political or too heavy with meaning. 

t's music for everyone. My aim is to revolutionize Deutschpop, to make it international again.

Stay tuned and follow me on spotify & youtube!

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  • YouTube - Schwarzer Kreis

release date: 11.11.2022

vocals: sita messer

production: sita messer

mix: baugruppe90

master: baugruppe90

music video

cam: florian sigl, christin rothe, sita messer

3D-video: itohan emonvomwan

cut/edit: sita messer

performer: christin rothe, fritz alm

 Oh mein Herz 

release date: 2023

vocals: sita messer

production: kev koko

mix: kev koko

 DON'T GO (feat. KEV KOKO)

release date: 04.06.2021

vocals: sita messer

production: sita messer

mix: sita messer

music video

director: chima okerenkwo 

cam: valentin seuss

set design: mayan tuulia frank, thore berthelson



live-performance of the hit "wellensittich" by sita messer at the legendary coachella festival in california. featuring meo wulf.

 wellensittich (feat. Perra Inmunda) 

release date: 31.07.2020

vocals: sita messer, perra inmunda

production: sita messer

mix: sita messer

music video

starring: meo wulf, perra inmunda, jessica nightlife

cam: emma hütt

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