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KOMETEN (tba 2018)

KOMETEN is an episodic mocumentary written and directed by myself. I also play all main characters. The first episode "Clipsy Pfeffelsberg - Das Leben ist ein Graus" was shot in May 2018 in Berlin and will premiere in late 2018. STAY TUNED!

Teleform Centrum EP. 1 - Gitarre (2018)

teleform centrum is a co-production of sita messer and and the german composer nico sauer. its a teleshopping show hosted by heike sawari (sita messer) and kristizia neft (nico sauer). the products are available on

aber wer ist wer? (2015)

A short conclusion of my sound improvisation performance, a part of "ABER WER IST WER", which was shown at sprengelmuseum in hanover in 2015. 

Brummen - Pølser for de Rige (2015)

the music video for "pølser for de rige" by the danish newcomer band "brummen" was shot in summer 2015 in brandenburg/germany and berlin. It was a no-budget production and lina mayer and I created the costumes. 

La Relation (2013)

"la relation" was shot in the summer of 2013 in the hills of volterra, italy. 

starring me as the male part and theresa lechner as the female part. the performance is about a fucked up relationship. 

Kami神 (2014)

a short video about our minds painting ourselves as kami, the spirits or phenomena that are worshipped in the religion of shinto. they are elements in nature, animals, creationary forces in the universe, as well as spirits of the revered deceased.